Solar Crack Lamp

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The solar energy crack craft hangs the lamp, the warm only beautiful lamplight, adorns your life

Charge during the day and automatically turn on the light at night. Put it in a sunny place and use the solar energy to charge

Waterproof design can also be used in rainy days with a waterproof rubber plug at the thread of the bottle cap to prevent rain water from entering in rainy days

Product parameters:

  • Product name: Solar crack ball hanging lamp
  • Light source: LED copper wire lamp
  • Product size: as shown above
  • Solar panel: 2V 100MA polysilicon
  • Material: cracked glass/stainless steel/twine
  • Light mode: light controlled always on
  • Application: wedding decoration, proposal, birthday party, room decoration, store display, etc

Product details display

  • Thickened and stiffened cracked glass
  • Waterproof rubber stopper cap with switch
  • Photosensitive solar panel with 600MA battery
  • Do not embroider steel tie-in restoring ancient ways hemp rope, practical atmosphere

Real photo display:

Product analyze:

  1. “Outdoor waterproof” adopts excellent outdoor waterproof material, IP66 waterproof grade, wind and raincan also keep bright outdoors.
  2. It is equipped with 20 LED beads for stable brightness and can be turned on for 8-12 hours under full power.
  3. Low carbon environmental protection solar energy charging light electricity low carbon energy saving green environmental protection convenient and fast