Outdoor multifunctional folding chair

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This is a brilliantly designed walking stick that converts into a seat at the touch of a button. Made from strong lightweight aluminium and featuring a solid plastic seat the chair weighs a mere 920 grams. With its unique design the seat can adjust itself according to the angle of the user’s body to maximize comfort.


  • Extremely portable and convenient to store, almost the size and weight of an umbrella, you can carry it in your car and put it to use whenever needed.

  • Surprisingly sturdy, travel friendly chair. Even with its small size, the  Chair will serve you well when you prefer sitting more than standing, or even when you need to take a short break from a long walk.


  • Your lifesaver whether you're waiting for the bus, standing in a long queue or even walking long distances.

  • When your family member or friends are off having fun in shopping mall and you don't feel like walking, you can sit comfortably on chair.

  • Use it as a walking stick or as a seat. Chair has got you covered!

  • Great compact design, you could carry it wherever you go.

Product Features:

  • A walking stick that transforms into a seat

  • Light (880g)

  • Convenient

  • Safe

  • Waterproof

  • 12 months warranty

  • Maximum user weight: 100kg

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Use damp cloth to remove dust from walking stick with seat then use dry cloth to dry this product. Keep this product clean and dry.

  • Once product cannot be deployed or folded smoothly due to incoming dirt, rinse the sliding surface and foldable joint while product deployed. Lightly knock the product vertically to the ground to ensure water is fully drained through Drainage Hole on the Non-Slip Rubber Feet . Dry the product and keep indoors with adequate air ventilation till water completely depleted.

  • In case product cannot be deployed or folded smoothly after rinsing, use commercially available silicone spray on stuck spots, movable parts or junction spots to make product deployed and folded smoothly.

*Before using product, make sure water is fully drained through Drainage Hole to eliminate possibility that non-slip capacity deteriorates due to wet Non-Slip Rubber Feet.