🥰Realistic Dolls-A gift for mom

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Realistic Dolls

Questions you care about (which parts of the doll can move): 1. Neck 2.3. Shoulder 4.5. Elbow 6. Lumbar 7.8. Wrist 9.10. Knee 11.12. Ankle

Beautiful dolls with realistic faces made by artist Michael Zajkov.

Hand painted dolls look like miniature humans. Forget about Barbie dolls!

You have to believe that the dolls are handcrafted and painted, and it's so creepy. It's so disconcerting to hold these dolls in your hands that all you can do is mutter, "Please don't blink, please don't blink, please don't blink..."

We use soft clay for dolls, German hand-painted glass eyes and French mohair for hair.All dolls' clothes are hand-sewn and you can design new clothes and looks for them if you want.

These dolls are made of a polymer clay with 13 movable joints, which allows for posture change. Dolls can be placed on a stand or can sit with legs bent at the knees.

A body made of clay that is molded and baked to harden it. The dolls' eyes are made of German glass and their hair is made of Angora goat wool. In addition, we also hand-stitched the dolls' costumes with silk, linen and lace materials. The style is biased towards the early 20th century, which has a unique retro beauty.

Realistic Dolls are not only works of art, they are individuals with life and soul, they also need maternal care, they are looking for a warm home, are you ready to welcome these beautiful girls as new family members!

Note: Keep Realistic Dolls dry; Realistic Dolls don't fade and distort; Prevent Realistic Dolls from falling; Take care of the Realistic Dolls like they're your baby. Size 10 in.