⚖️Blind Lady Justice Themis Goddess Statue Decor⚔️

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⚖️This Blind Lady Justice statue is a true piece of art representing the real meaning of Themis sculpture.

⚔️In Greek mythology, Themis is a goddess of justice, law, and wisdom. Our blindfolded Lady Justice sculpture has a sword in one hand signifying power, scales in the other denoting impartiality, and she is blindfolded to assure fairness in judgment. Make it a great gift for lawyers, judges, judicial officers, etc.

📚The Lady Justice statue ranks as one of the most well-known statues in the world. Although, this statue is not typically attributed to anyone famous sculptor, the fact that it adorns so many of the world’s courthouses has rendered it one of the more well-known sculptures.

👑The statue dates its origins from ancient Greek and Roman times. During the 16th century, artists started showing the lady blindfolded to show that justice is not subject to influence. From this, the statue earned the name Blind Justice.
⚡Our Lady Justice Statue is a great sculpture for decorating your home or office, conference rooms, or waiting areas of legal offices.

✨Size: L 4.75" x W 4.5" x H 13"
✨Material: Cold Cast Bronze